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Last updated: June 6th, 2017

Check out mis Rosie here. She is all fine and hot in her birth suit, looking more than hot in this latest one from Rosie Jaye Videos. She caught our eyes as she was just about to hit the shower, but decided to have some fun first she got all wet. She loved to look at herself in the mirror, admiring her body. For more busty babes revealing their boobs click here. And she sure had what to admire. She has amazing large sexy boobs, with nipples she loves to pinch and make all pointy and hard. But more than that she loves to feel and play with her clit, making herself feel good in a very sexual way. Have a look at RosieJaye and enjoy the lovely babe undressing for you once more.

Well as always this babe was kinky and horny and she just had to do something about it this afternoon. What she decided and ended up doing as you can see is a nice and sensual scene as she gets to show off her lovely body to you once more. Enjoy seeing her taking out her big natural breasts from underneath the clothes and see her playing with them as she massages them for your viewing pleasure too. And of course you also get to see her displaying her pussy this afternoon as well. She does this all to the sound of music and as she is caressing and massaging her whole body as well today. Have fun with her video and see you soon with more!

See sexy Rosie squeezing her nipples and rubbing her clit!

Rosie Jaye Video

There is nothing i love more than a hot red one with giant sexy boobs. Have a look at this latest Rosie Jaye Video and see this hot babe playing with he boobs, giggle them and making her nipples go hard as stone. As you are at this moment, i assume. Have fun and if you liked her come inside personal page and have a great time watching another busty babe massaging her phenomenal tits! Well she knows just how much you guys love seeing her wearing some superb and hot outfits and she has some more to show off today as she undresses from her superbly cute blue outfit this afternoon.

The outfit itself is a superb little set formed from a small blue top that was holding her nice and big tits, a small and sexy skirt that she wore and of course a pair of blue cute panties as well. Enjoy seeing her massaging her body all over this afternoon and see her taking it off to the sound of a kinky little song too today. We know that you will just adore her superb little strip tease session today and you can rest assured that more will follow next time everyone. Meanwhile see her getting naked here and now and enjoy this little show of hers today. Bye bye and see you guys soon!

Enjoy watching kinky Rosie playing with her amazing tits!

Playing in the Bed

Little miss red head decided to was time to have some fun on her own. So she put on some sexy stockings and nothing more and decided to make the latest Rosie Jaye. Have a look as she is toying with her amazing body, feeling her boobs and touching her nasty clit. Well naughty miss Rosie came back this week and we can certainly say that she did so in force. She was getting naughty and kinky again and you would get to see her whole scene of her acting all naughty and dirty minded today. Let’s enjoy her scene and see her in action once more as she displays her simply superb body.

As the cameras start to roll, the babe makes her entry to the scene wearing a super cute and sexy little blue lingerie outfit, and her thigh high socks on on. OF course, like always she makes quick work of her little outfit save for the socks and shows off her very lovely body posing for you all sensually and sexy. Sit back and enjoy watching her play with her lovely round natural tits and then see her moving onto more interesting stuff as she spreads open her legs too and starts to rub her sweet pussy as well. See you next time with more of her and enjoy your time with her gallery everyone! Until then, check out the site and see other beauties getting naked and rubbing their pussies!rosie playing in her bedroom

See Rosie stripping naked and showing off her sexy tits! 

Rosie Jaye Feet

Rosie and her folks just moved into this bran new huge lovely house. And what better way to inaugurate the house than to shoot the latest Rosie Jaye feet . So we took sweet Rosie to her parents’ bedroom and it did not take her long to loose the cloths and to reveal one tight hot body, and not to mention she looked very sexy in those stockings and black high hells at . She felt very comfortable in front of the camera, showing off her awesome sexy body. She took her time getting in the mood, but she got there, fire came out. She loved to feel her boobs, she played with them, making her nipples go hard and pointy, and then she reached to her pussy, feeling her clit getting all wet and moisture as she was toying with it. 

sexy rosie naked wearing high heels

Have a look at this sexy babe and enjoy and if you want to see another busty babe just like her come inside personal page and enjoy this lovely scene of hers today. As you can clearly see, this sweet lady was just too much in the mood to get all naked today and show off her body to the cam as well. So let’s see her take off her classy and sexy outfit to show those nude curves, and sit back to watch this adorable red head as she takes her time to pose around all sexy and sensual for you guys as well. As per always you can see her next week with a fresh and hot update!

 Enjoy watching sexy read had Rosie posing naked! 

Tiny Blue Panties

Have fun watching this Rosie Jaye update.What better way to try on the new stuff you just bought, than to have them all on your bed, take off your cloths and then instead of trying the cloths on, trying your hands on your own body, feeling your awesome boobs, making your nipples all pointy and delicious to suck. Have a look at RosieJaye and see this nasty read head doing just that, playing with herself. Well let’s get started and watch this lovely woman in action as she gets to play some more today.

She had lots of outfits that she wondered if they were any worth keeping and so for this afternoon, she had the job to keep trying them on and see which ones she could just give away. And while she did that she decided to have some fun too throwing some nice and sexy strip shows in there as well. So you can watch her acting all kinky and sensual as she takes off her clothes for you revealing those sexy curves, especially that sexy and cute round butt of hers that so many people dream about every night. Enjoy this sexy update and come back next week for some more of her lovely updates! Also you might visit the blog and see some beautiful lesbians experiencing amazing orgasms!

 See busty Rosie showing off her sexy round ass!

Busty Rosie Jaye

What better way to make a lazy Sunday afternoon fly by? Easy, you give us a call and we make the latest Busty Rosie Jaye. Hot Rosie decided to make while wearing her favorite pink underwear, but of course showing us her large sexy boobs. She loved to play with them, feeling them making her nipples get harder and harder. Have a look at RosieJaye and see this nasty sexy babe as she playing with herself, playing with her clit and enjoying every touch. Have fun and if you liked her check out busty Francine another super hot busty babe and see her revealing her perfectly shaped body for you!

As another fresh week started off, the lovely and cute busty Rosie comes back once more with fresh scenes for you guys to see. In this one she shows off her superbly hot and sexy pink outfit for you, and she knows that you will just adore it. Enjoy seeing her taking it off like she does with all her clothes and she reveals those big tits first. As her pants come down as well, you can see that the cutie was wearing a cute and sexy pair of panties that had “I love Pink” written on them, and that’s no surprise really. Enjoy the busty and cute babe showing off her nude body to you once more and have fun!

Watch naughty Rosie playing with her busty big boobs!

Rosie Strips Naked in the Kitchen

Rosie here found a new use for her kitchen. The perfect set up for the latest Rosie Jaye. Click here to watch this great scene! It was so damn hot inside that she just had to take off her cloths, and show us all her very large sexy boobs. And once they were out she started to play with them. Have a look and enjoy as one more of her lovely and sexy scenes gets to be displayed this afternoon, and see this sexy and kinky babe exposing those superb and luscious curves for the camera and you guys once more today. Let’s get started and see her in action as she plays around some more.

As this week’s scene starts off, you can see that the lovely and cute babe was ready to go for it in the kitchen as she got into her usual playful mood. Watch the sizzling hot and kinky red head as she takes her big bra off to reveal those natural and big round tits of hers first and foremost, and then see her showing off her sexy and cute panties as well. And you can bet that those come off as well in the end to let you enjoy a nice and hot view of her eager pussy just like always. Well we hope that you enjoyed your stay and she will be seeing you again next week with more!

Check out naughty Rosie playing with her big boobs! 

RosieJaye – Playing With Herself

I love a girl who loves to play with herself. And RosieJaye is a master in that. She loves to be in front of the camera, showing off her body and feeling her large sexy boobs, making herself get in that special sexy mood. She then moves her hand a little lower, reaching for her tight pussy. She spreads hr legs wide open, and she starts to play with her clit, getting all wet and moisture, just the way we like it here at Rosie Jaye. Take a look at her as she is reaching her screamed out climax. Enjoy this nice afternoon scene and see the sexy little babe play with her body once more for the cameras and you guys.


Just like last time, our lovely little cutie was feeling kinky and turned on and she was going to do something about it for sure today. Let’s take the time to see her in action and watch as she gets to have that nice and pink pussy of hers pleased by her own two masterful fingers today. Take your time to truly enjoy watching this lovely red headed babe spread her pussy lips for you, and watch her in action as she gets around to please that horny and wet cunt of hers as she finger fucks herself nice and deep today. We will be expecting you next week with some more fresh and hot galleries as always. Until then, you can watch some great Kelsey Obsession vids and see another beauty rubbing her clit!

Watch busty Rosie spreading her pussy for the cam!

Rosie Jaye Pussy

Rosie is one nasty wild babe and she loves to make you all loose your minds. In this latest Rosie Jaye Pussy free videos she spreads her legs wide open and then she starts toying with her clit, making it all wet and moisture before she crams deep inside her fingers, and she starts to fully masturbate, making herself feel more than good in a very sexual way. Have a look and enjoy the naughty and kinky red head as she gets around to do some sweet and sexy pussy pleasing for this nice afternoon. So let’s not waste anymore time and see her in her sweet solo scene in this afternoon shall we?

As you will see, this lovely babe’s scene starts off she makes her entry wearing some nice and sexy lingerie that will surely get you turned on this fine afternoon. And of course, this cutie starts taking it off starting with the bra to display those nice and round tits that she has. After she is done with massaging them and playing with them, you get to see the babe making her way down and as she spreads open her long sexy legs you get to see that eager and wet pussy of hers as she starts to please herself. Enjoy watching her take the time to finger fuck her sweet pussy and have fun with her scene today!


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Rosie Jaye Naked

Rosie was feeling a little bit lonely last night so she gave us a call and before we knew it we were making the latest Rosie Jaye Naked. Wearing nothing but a very sexy pair of sexy high hills , Rosie looked more than hot as she walked into the room and she sat on the couch.  She started to toy with her boobs, feeling them, making her nipples all delicious and then spreading her legs wide open at . It did not take her long to start playing with herself right there in front of us, pushing those fingers deeper and deeper inside of her.

sexy rosie stripping naked and playing with herself

Sexy and hot Rosie is here once more for your viewing pleasure and she has some more sweet scenes for you. This time the superbly cute and horny little babe was all set to expose her nice curves on cam once more and just like usual she starts off with showing off her nice and round breasts to you. See her playing with them and massaging them nicely, and then see her showing off the rest of that naked and sexy body of hers too. Rest assured that this cute babe will be waiting for your return next week and she will have some more hot galleries for you to see as well. So have fun and see you then guys and gals! If you wanna see other beautiful babes getting naked for the cam, join the blog!

 Watch red haired Rosie stripping naked for the cam!

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